Blue Horizon Equipment


Blue Horizon guides work from Panga style flats boats. The boats are ideal for both poling the flats and running over open water from spot to spot. All boats are fully outfitted for a comfortable and safe day on the water.


All flies, terminal gear, leaders and tippet are included. For beginners or folks who do not wish to travel with their equipment, we have a complete line of Orvis equipment for your use: Helios 2 - 8wt. 9wt. 10wt. 12wt. 14wt. fly rods and Mirage -IV, V, VI, VII reels with appropriate line and backing.


Bonefish: 7-8 weight. For calmer days on the flats, a 7 weight fly rod will serve you right with a little more finesse for a perfect cast. It is nice to also have the 8 weight for casting into the wind.

Permit: 8-10 weight. For the calm days on the water, an 8 weight is best for accurate casts. However, a 10 weight is the go-to for wind and the fight. A 10 weight is a perfect choice for permit.

Tarpon: 10-12 weight. A 10 weight is a great choice when chasing the smaller tarpon in the mangroves or along the flats. For larger tarpon, having a 12 weight is best to get a lengthy cast into the wind and tame them on the fight.


Matching the rod weight is essential. Large arbor reels allow you to retrieve more line with each reel. A sealed drag system does not allow harsh salt in and assures that when the moment comes, the drag will perform without complication.

Fly Line

It is as simple as matching the reel weight. It is essential to have a saltwater-specific fly line. Cold/freshwater fly lines are designed for colder waters and will soften up, hindering your casting abilities. Saltwater fly lines are designed for tropical, humid environments and are better suited for Southern Belize.


Bonefish:  12 pound, 9 foot standard tapered leader.

Permit: 16-20 pound 9-10 foot standard tapered leader.

Tarpon: 30 pound, 9 foot leader with 12-18 inches of 60,80 pound shock tippet.


Bonefish: smaller shrimp and crab patterns (sizes 4-8) with medium weight.
Examples: Crazy Charlies, chicos bonefish special, bonefish slider, merkin crab, gotcha, christmas island special, mcfly crab, pink puff, bone crusher, meko special, bonefish scampi, go-to joe

Permit: small crab and shrimp patterns (sizes 2-6) with weight to get to the bottom efficiently.
Examples: avalon, christmas island special, matthew's turneffe crab, merkin crab, kung fu crab, hover crab, mcfly crab, bauer crab

Tarpon: unweighted baitfish patterns on larger hooks (sizes 1/0, 2/0), just a few with weight.
Examples: tarpon toad, tarpon bunny, black death, cockroach, deceivers, clouser minnows


Suggested Gear List

Remember, all flies, terminal gear, leaders and tippet are included.
Many of the items below are available to purchase through Blue Horizon. 

  • Rod(s) to match the fish you will be pursuing during your time in Belize

  • A matching reel and fly line

  • Fly line cleaner/wipes

  • Leader(s)

  • Suggested flies

  • Flats boots

  • Long sleeved fishing shirt (light material for protection from the sun)

  • Board shorts or lightweight pants

  • Fishing hat

  • Polarized sunglasses (2 pairs) and straps/croakies

  • Sun gloves

  • Buff style headwear to protect your neck

  • Camera

  • Sunscreen (aloe for post sunburn)

  • Fishing License

A fishing license is necessary if you are between the ages of 16-65. You can purchase online prior to your scheduled fishing dates. Day prices are $20.00 BZD, a week is $50.00 BZD. The link for this is here